Compression Arm Sleeve - Red Digital Camo

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Compression Arm Sleeve - Red Digital Camo


Great for Baseball, Football, Basketball or any sport!

Our "Pro Sleeve" compression sleeves are designed for a ergonomic fit, which is said to improve blood circulation for maximum performance, as well as helping to protect the players arm before, during and after games or practice. They are made of 80% Nylon, 20% Lycra. This is a comfortable combination of dry fit material that is skid proof at the top of the arm to stay in place. We have 15 design and 7 sizes to choose from.

Sleeves are priced and sold individually.  


Youth Small 12.6" (top 3.34", bottom 2.36")

Youth Medium 13.8" long (top 3.6", bottom 2.75")

Youth Large 14.56" long (top 4", bottom 2.8")

Adult Small 16.1" long (top 4.6", bottom 2.95")

Adult Medium 17.1" long (top 4.72", bottom 3.41")

Adult Large 17.7" long (top 4.9", bottom 3.46")

Adult X Large 18.4" long (top 5.1", bottom 3.75")

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